Ripple [XRP] gets listed on BitBay – Another milestone crossed

One of the most significant Polish cryptocurrency exchange platforms as recently announced its added support to Ripple [XRP]. Ripple has been embraced by more than 100 global banks and financial institutions as a quick and efficient mode of payment, American Express being one among them.

BitBay recently announced its addition of XRP/BTC to its list. Another coin which is found way below in the market, Infinity Economics Token [XIN] was also added on BitBay along with Ripple.

BitBay aims to provide a platform that is nowhere available in the Polish market, especially for buying and selling BTC and LTC intuitively and professionally. Sylwester Suszek, CEO of BitBay is an experienced financer and a businessman who has co-founded two other companies in the financial sector.

The second version of the platform got a boost and was launched in 2015 with an improved user interface along with professional trading tools. They had also previously added Ethereum and Lisk when the team expanded to 31 employees from just 14. BitBay had long dreamed for an international expansion which led them to open their office in Amsterdam. The very next year they began working on the 3rd version of the platform and expanded the team to a total of 70 people.

Ripple [XRP], has a net value of $0.692642 at present after an observed gain of 19.56% in the last 24 hours.

Although so many large banks and financial institutions have got this coin’s back, the price has slumped continuously in the past few days. Throughout last year, the prices jumped above 7,000%. Any cryptocurrency or at least the majority of them have the capacity for an upward trajectory with correct marketing because people tend to panic and sell off their holdings when prices plummet.

Rob, a Twitter user says:

“Love your work; we’re going to change the world with XRP. Thank You Ripple and XRP, you and the team you have built are truly changing the face of value.”

Another Twitterati says:

“If you have bought #XRP just let them sit and check it if you feel need but HODL till 2020 and stop worrying. Just enjoy life in the moment”

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