NEM [XEM] to use Catapult 2.0 – A new blockchain engine

‘Mijin’ is a private blockchain platform which incorporates all the five elements of blockchain that were implemented till now. The new core engine is named as 2.0 Catapult and is also known as mijin v.2, is expected to be released in April. The earlier version named as mijin v.1 was launched in September 2015 and is known to have provided cutting-edge blockchain technology to over 300 individuals and companies.

Catapult 2.0 takes the project to the next stage of fulfilling the vision of joining IoT to AI applications. This broadens the relevance of blockchain technology in many more industries as an enterprise product. It has been in development for two and a half years now and is released in beta form.

The Open-Source project will have three phases and the sales as dual license will begin in phase 3. The evaluation of release of mijin v.2 Catapult Core Engine will take place in phase 2. This blockchain can tokenize all kinds of company-owned assets, and these tokenized assets can be issued, distributed, and managed on the chain. It does not impose any kind of restrictions on the number of tokens that can be issued.

The NEM protocol is utilized by mijin which easily creates blockchain platforms on the peer-to-peer network. The Foundation announced two days ago the private beta launch of Catapult which is a highly anticipated update to the NEM blockchain run by Tech Bureau. This technology will be used for private chains at first and then will be used for NEM public chains.

Lon Wong, the President of Foundation said on Twitter:

“We’re proud to partner with Tech Bureau, as we believe the new Catapult blockchain technology platform is the future standard for mainstream enterprise and organizational infrastructures”

Catapult offers new uses that have never been there on any blockchain through ‘Aggregated Transactions’ and ‘Multi-Level Multisignature Accounts’. NEM’s revolutionary blockchain technology accelerates enterprise solutions which serve the needs of the biggest technology businesses of the world and thereby moving ahead of other enterprise blockchains.

A Twitteratti commented:

“Awesome promo thank you all so much for all you do! So mad! so wild! so awesome! I sent 0.9 ETH and got 9 ETH in return! “

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