NANO rebranding silently – Ready to take back its place among top 20?

Nano [NANO] is one such currency which aims to be recognized globally with lightning fast transactions and almost no fee over a safe, decentralized network.

The coin has been fluctuating dramatically over the week, falling to as low as $6.02 mid-week and stabilizing with a gain of 16.05% and closing at $9.30 currently. This extreme behavior pushed it further below in the market to 22nd position while it stayed in the top 20 for a long time.

The Core team just announced with excitement about their roadmap and vision for the future of Nano.

Nano mentions their vision as:

“to become a global currency with instantaneous transactions and zero fees over a secure, decentralized network.”

NANO Updates:

  • Merchant Services – A varied number of solutions are available on a horizontally scalable cloud infrastructure for merchants.
  • Point-of-Sale – Nano’s platform called Plug & Play has entered alpha testing in vendor and mobile terminals.
  • Global Markets – Nano is available in top markets such as Binance, OKeX, Nanex, and KuCoin.
  • Fiat-on-Ramp – This simplifies the transfer between Nano and fiat currency.
  • Hardware Wallets – Nano’s ledger team is updating the library for more efficiency in integration.
  • Desktop and Mobile Wallets – The Nano desktop wallets are out for Beta testing and their iOS app has been distributed to more than 9000 testers. The Android app is already available on Google Play.
  • Smart Cards – They are cards that enable running programs when inserted into any supported terminal.

This is what the followers have got to say:

Andrew Khor, a Twitter user says:

“Thank you for the update, it’s pretty odd though to have a Roadmap with no Dates!”

Peter Thompson said:

“As I have told before…these guys get it. Surely it’s only a roadmap if it has some timing against it!? Otherwise, it’s just a wish list.”

Maria Calibra tweeted:

“I am not a roadmap expert but roadmaps should be in a chronological order with estimated times. So this is more like a wish list of what they will be preparing.”

Hazman Shaikh exclaimed:

“I cannot wait to use smart cards with Nano. The path forward is clear. Great work, team! Thank you for all that you do!”

Julie Robert, another investor says:

“Roadmap hype! An extremely promising vision layout bare for all to see, Nano to the moon!”

Nano is the rebrand of the former coin and project called Raiblocks [XRB]. An event was held to rebrand this coin which was supposed to cause a 41% price surge of the coin within 24 hours.

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