ICON [ICX]’s bullrun reaches a 70% hike after its listing on Bithumb!

The Bithumb exchange’s new listing, ICON [ICX] has sent the value of the currency soaring in early morning trading. This recent news allows users to convert Korean Won [KRW] into ICON tokens on the exchange.

For exchange’s premium services subscribers, Bithumb Pro has activated tradings while regular users can deposit funds immediately but will have to wait until Sunday for the trades to go active. The coin was listed on the Korean platform on 21st March while trading was enabled on March 23rd 4:00 PM KST.

One of South Korea’s biggest exchanges, Bithumb tweeted today saying, ‘users can now trade ICON [ICX] at Bithumb’.

The value of ICX has fluctuated to the extreme. From a value as low as $1.59, it has soared up by 70% in the past few days to close at $3.91 as seen at press time today. The coin has been rising slowly as the week progressed. The coin is now trading at 11.44% higher than the beginning of the day.

Since the news was released, ICON’s market cap has increased to $757.8 million from $597 million which currently sums up to $1.5 billion. Apart from Bithumb, it was previously listed on Binance, OKEx, and Huobi.

ICON has a vision, “to hyper connect the world” with one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. The smart contract trend is what even ICON plans to adopt using which the team wants to build a platform that will allow blockchains to interact with each other.

Bithumb has listed 12 currencies with the list including top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP], Monero [XRP], and Ethereum [ETH].

Earlier this week, they announced that NEM would be listed on the platform, with immediate effect along with the partnership agreement with the Bitcoin payment service BitPay.

Alessandro tweeted on reading the news:

“Will eventually ICX have a market V/S USD. I am thinking how will a non-Korean holder sell some of it?”

Amy Wilson says:

“Hello, ICON. Keep doing your best! So what do people think of the last couple of days? Will we have a retraction/sell at price in this weekend?”

Anthony Parker said:

“You have the best team! Keep doing great things.”

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