Hack in the City of Atlanta – Hackers demand exchange ransom of $51,000 worth Bitcoin [BTC]

The hackers in the US are giving a tough time to the government. According to reports from Fortune, the hackers have shut down all key government computers in Atlanta and Georgia and are demanding Bitcoin as a ransom. The hackers have demanded a whopping $51,000 in Bitcoin to re-enable the hacked systems, putting the government in a fix.

City of Atlanta government recently tweeted:

Official announcement on Twitter

The official announcement on Twitter

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta’s Mayor announced the attack in a press conference earlier. She told the press officials that they did not know the extent of the attack or any other related details. They were not sure if any bank accounts or personal data will be compromised.

The attack was discovered on Thursday early morning at 5 a.m. The city of Atlanta observed the outages were systems that some customers use to pay the bills and access court-related information.

Outage Alert!

Outage Alert!

Officials from the city are reportedly working with the FBI, the US Department of Homeland Security and Microsoft to confirm the extent of the breach and find solutions to tackle the same. Yesterday, city officials strengthened citizens to monitor their personal information and account for those who feared their personal data could be summoned to the attack.

Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted earlier:

Keisha tweet

Keisha’s tweet

As per the information released, the situation is yet to be resolved. This is not the first time attackers have eyed and got their hands on municipal computers in exchange for digital currencies. For instance, last year a hacker had attacked the Sacramento Regional Transit system for a smaller amount of 1 BTC which was almost $8,500 in value at that time.

Another example was the ransom for Bitcoin demanded by a parcel bomber in Germany. He expected 10 million Euro’s in Bitcoin according to a message he had sent to a Potsdam Christmas market last year. The package contained a QR code for depositing the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin [BTC] has seen a rough fortnight with prices dipping to all-time lows and inclining very little. It is currently trading at $8,936.72 after an increase of 5.76% since yesterday.

Jacob, a Twitter user gives some advice:

“It may be time to upgrade from Windows 2000 and install an antivirus suite. Also, school your people in basic computer security like not opening sketchy files or email attachments on work computers.

Johnson, a blogger commented:

“Maybe we should spend some of the tax dollars on a new version on Norton antivirus instead of pedestrian bridges MB Stadium.”

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