Fujitsu, the IT giant opens an international blockchain innovation center in Belgium

Fujitsu, the IT giant from Japan has recently opened an International Blockchain Innovation Centre in Brussels, Belgium.

The top Japanese Information and Communication Technology [ICT] firm made this announcement on their official site. They are set to explore the potential applications in every possible area of the blockchain technology.

In its official statement, Fujitsu stated that R&D will happen in the new center for Blockchain-based solutions in sectors of all kinds. Ranging from Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] based audits to Blockchain-based voting, Fujitsu’s new center is all set to exploit, dig deep and bring out the best.

The head of Fujitsu Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg [Benelux], Yves de Beauregard observed budding interest towards this technology among customers and noted that many DLT based apps were left unexplored.

Yves de Beauregard quoted:

“We are still in the initial stage, as we intend to explore the broader capabilities of blockchain in a variety of commercial areas.”

According to the company’s press release published on March 21st, Brussels, Belgium was selected as the venue because of an upper hand in its geographical, political, technical, and linguistic advantages. This is especially helpful for international organizations which are considering blockchain applications and real use cases.

These newer adoptions and changes will compulsorily drive the cities to evolve into smart cities, unlike the existing ones. Social, economic and environmental problems resulting from urban growth are addressed using data and analytics.

Fujitsu Benelux’s Presales and Business Assurance Director, Frederik de Breuk quoted:

“The use of blockchain technology with its potential in public ledger and voting ID, and its capacity to automate processes and auditing in smart contracts will doubtlessly play an important role in this changing ecosystem.”

De Breuck claimed that the trend will place increased demands on the local government giving rise to newer ecosystems with multiple challenges to solve.

Jeremy Hain comments:

“I thought everyone was banning crypto! Tears of gullibility.”

Shailendra Ahuja comments:

“Yes blockchain not cryptocurrencies… Like i said blockchain is the best technology implementation innovative concept but cryptocurrency is a SIN to the society…”

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