Flux.fund/en” The ICO With A Twist

So, many folks who started gaming from their very young age, up until when they are appreciably grown up, never had any real financial gratification from this practice. This could look a little awkward, but it’s true, and many people can relate to it.

Sometimes, we may have wondered if there was ever going to be an organized system that would provide an opportunity to get a reward in value, for our diligent use of games as well as the many hours of dedicated play that could have culminated into mastery and expertise over time. Gaming activities have come a long way in history, and it has become pertinent that players in the industry begin to maximize and enjoy all the dividends that accrue. Hence, the birthing of the Flux decentralized global gaming ecosystem; a blockchain built on the ethereum network.

The Flux token platform has been designed to provide solutions and answers to the questions and needs that have long ravaged the entirety of all that we know as the digital games. It creates an interactive avenue between game developers, traders, and the gaming populace. Every participant on the network has an exciting bumper package for all of their efforts and dedication.

The Flux ecosystem would utilize an apt approach for reward distribution on the network. For every listed game as provided by the developers, there are matchmaking game procedures that allow gamers bet on games, after which the winners claim the value amounts. The means of reward is the Flux coin; an ERC-20 token built on the ethereum blockchain. Every profit made on the platform is paid in the flux token, except for some other transactions involving the virtual goods. The matchmaking processes would rely on smart contracts between two participant gamers; there is a programmed arbiter which is consequently entitled to a little percentage of the transaction value.

Game developers whose games are played in the matchmaking competitions are allowed a commission on matchmaking session, while the flux matchmaking system receives a 1-7% commission on every value bet placed by each participant.

Asides participation in matchmaking competitions on the platform, the flux gaming ecosystem has a virtual trade store where every user on the network can purchase virtual items such as digital skins, in-game currencies, and other virtual items; all using the valid interactive currency. Since every transaction occurs on the platform, every purchase made by any user automatically reflects on their accounts. Flux token coins can be bought from outside the blockchain using ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, or euro fiat currency. Visa and MasterCard payment options are also allowed to enable the easy and instant purchase of tokens.

Another peculiar feature of the flux platform is that it would allow its users create their projects, and consequently gather funds from within the platform. Thus if a game developer has decided to create a new game, he can put up the description that allows him to get the required funds for the execution of his project. The investor on the other hand, who pays into the project is allocated a percentage of the matchmaking funds when the project is done.

The token sales for the flux coin are slated to commence April 17, 2018, and at an exchange rate of $0.5 per flux token. Participants that can join the whitelist, get a 30% bonus on their total purchase. Public sales close on April 24th, with different percentage bonus for each of the days, asides the whitelist. From now any holder of FLUX more then 5 000 FLUX, will be able to receive a node and in a decentralized way become a part of a calculation, and transaction proofs system in the ecosystem and will be earning for servicing the node.

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