Ethereum [ETH], Monero [XMR], TRON [TRX] – Investors at crossroads? – Sentiment Analysis – March 21

‘Steady’ seems to be the word to describe the cryptocurrency market for the last two days. Gains everywhere, with respect to almost coins, there has been a rise in the price. With this bull run break out, many market analysts predict a massive hike in the prices.

This analysis will be based on three top-rated coins viz. Ethereum [ETH], Monero [XMR] and TRON [TRX]. We have been giving the sentiment analysis for the past one week on different tokens every day for our readers to be aware of the opinions of investors, miners, influencers, analysts, and skeptics.

Ethereum [ETH]

Created by the Swiss, Ethereum [ETH] is currently ranked at number 2, right after Bitcoin [BTC]. ETH prices gained traction recently and has reached $579.45. The resistance level of $540 has been successfully crossed which paved the way for more gains. Now that the price has crossed the 570 dollar mark, the community can be bullish insofar as ETH is concerned.

Russo Brouwer, an accountant from Limburg says:

“Despite the fall, ETH has been consistently pushing boundaries. The sky is the limit! The prices have hiked all the way up to $579, with scalability ETC will catch up with Bitcoin very soon.”

Walt Nixon, a finance manager form Toronto says:

“If you have not invested in Ethereum yet, all that I can say is ‘sucks to be you’. Use money to make money… Go for the capitalist moto and become stinking rich.”

Robby Martin from Glasgow says:

“These whales can just make everything go wrong in the market. We talk about stability today, tomorrow one of there MOFOs will just take out all the funds, and we are back to square one.”

To conclude, 74% of the Ethereum respondents are not willing to forgo their stance as long as the market seems stable. However, 26% are still wary of the coins market potential to drop.

Monero [XMR]

With the implementation of Monero’s two main projects, namely, Kovri and Open Alias, cryptocurrency payments are simplified. The statistics on March 5th shows that Monero was priced at $374 but now it has come down to $234.4. However, there has been a considerable incline upwards in price to 10.75% within the last 24 hours. At press time, the market capital is observed to be $3.715 billion.

Jordan Maynes, an altcoin analyst from Oklahoma says:

“This looks like the correct time to buy. Snag at $150 and sell once it hit $250. This is awesome! I’m not the one to analyze these market for too long, but I know Monero is a good buy!”

Anjali Pandey, an altcoin investor from Bangalore says:

“I will be looking at both Monero and Bitcoin constantly as they both concern each other. I can predict sell moments, as soon as it hit 0.035 BTC, I will sell and make as much as money I can.”

To conclude from what 68% of the respondents said, Monero’s prices may vary but the predictability is good enough. 32% of them are of the opinion that it is highly unstable.


Currently ranked at number 14, the market capital and the price at press time clocks at $2.565 billion and $0.039 respectively. There has been a considerable increase in the values from yesterday. TRX has hit a double bottom once in February and once again today.

Katherine Prior, An Altcoin miner says:

“Tron is cheap. Tron is potential. Tron is at $0.30. This is good. Cheers!”

Robert Reeves, a Twitteratti says:

“I can see many people buying TRX and not selling them. People who are neutral are still waiting. I expect the prices to go up in the next 24 hours. I tell you, put your bets on it.”

To conclude, 32% respondents believe the decline in volume and downtrend could mean two things: Firstly there could be a lack of buying interest, which pushes the price lower or secondly there could be a lack of selling interest, which could eventually push the price up again. The rest 68% completely believes in total upward traction.

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