EOS and IOTA [MIOTA] at the low end of high – 31% and 16% hike respectively

The huge dependency on Bitcoin by almost all other coins is evident from the market prices today. Having said that, EOS and IOTA seem to be standing apart. With a gain of 2.63% in the last one hour and a 31% high in the last 7 days, EOS is gaining traction. Although the gain attained by IOTA when compared to EOS is lower, it is not negligible. 0.58% is the gain in the last one hour for IOTA and in the last seven days, it stands at 16%. Bullish enthusiasts are expecting a bull run for sure.


EOS peaked at $7 which upped the market capital by about $5.2 billion which made the community bullish.

Sandy Anderson, an EOS investor posted on a forum saying:

“This is one of the best surprises in this year yet. Keep HODL guys… wait for the wave to rise and peak at $10 which looks like it will happen soon enough. Good luck y’all.”

The strategic partnership with Germany’s FinLab AG along with the release of the platform’s technical white paper resulted in this positive outcome. The community is trading a bullish breakout and the bulls are out for a hunt.

Amish Behara, an altcoin analyst from New Delhi says:

“There is a possibility of FUD as at $6.45, the prices may rise or fall. The pattern followed by the token is that of a triangle and it need to be broken. If it happens the number of bagholders will increase.”


The trend lines drawn today by analysts show that it is a bullish trend. The price is at $1.28 and is expected to go up and close above $1.45. The bull targets at $2.2 and the buy triggers at $1.45.

John Meyers, an IOTA investor tweets:

“I’m expecting the prices to go up and reach like $5 by the end of May and I believe in its potential. But dunno. Fingers crossed!”

Eva Hutchinson an altcoin analyst says:

“It been the ATH for the last 7 days and we are definitely up for a bull run. The trend now looks like its on the upper side and people HODL for a reason.”

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