Blockchain gun control – a more reliable solution to America’s public safety

The idea of blockchain technology as a solution for America’s gun control problem was addressed by a public health professor among other issues. This solution, like any other solutions, comes with its own risk factors and doubts of working successfully or being a bullish idea.

America is reeling from the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, leaving 14 students and 3 teachers dead. According to Gun Violence Archive (GVA), America has witnessed 239 school shootings since 2012. The USA accounts for 31% of the mass shooters and is home to 42% of the world’s civilian-owned guns. This horrible sight is not new to America.

Most of the people including some of the terror attack survivors believe the laws should be way stricter with regards to control buying, access, and usage of the guns. Better gun control through blockchain will definitely bring down the tragedies on the American soil. This old violence problem might have just found a creative solution through the fairly new blockchain technology.

Thomas Heston, a public health professor at Washington State University in November 2017 published a paper which said.

“The decentralized ledger technology best known as the backbone for cryptocurrency, could improve gun control without actually requiring the government to change any existing laws on who can or can’t own a gun”

But the question is about how can a fresh technology be implemented as a solution to a violence problem that has been there for years.

Here is how – Blockchain is a continually growing list of blocks that records verifiable transactions and maintains a database to track all the information. This helps make up a database to track the manufacture, transfer, and purchase of guns. The blockchain is an open and distributed ledger making it easily accessible to vendors, purchasers, and regulators. It is a transparent, reliable, durable, and immutable log, which results in being accurate and resistant to hacking.

A background check – A search of the Federal Bureau of NICS before a gun purchase happens can help regulators control gun owners. According to Heston’s theory, a digital safe similar to a digital wallet called an “electronic gun safe” could be handed to every gun owner. The accessibility would be limited to the owner through some form of biometric data. The information about every individual gun held in this safe can be switched over to a new owner once the gun is sold. Apart from this, the safe could hold the owners’ information to track their history of illegal activities, mental health issues, parole statuses and also their internet search history.

This doesn’t mean the owners have to worry about the vulnerability of their private information because blockchain is decentralized, not only making it less susceptible to human error but also less vulnerable to hacking. Each transaction is verified by multiple people and nobody can access the safe unless the owner permits.

This might look like a planned roadmap but it might be almost impossible to implement and might need widespread acceptance.

An American citizen and an attack survivor commented,

“……If we don’t agree on what causes gun violence, it’s hard to see us agreeing on a way to limit it. But maybe, once we’re fed up with the violence, we’ll be ready to hear more creative solutions. Perhaps even one like Heston’s”

Brie Christian who lost her friend to the Las Vegas shootout in October last year spoke to AMBCrypto and says,

“We have been just talking about ‘solving’ the gun issue in America. We have people who are suffering, people who are sick and they take it out on kids and innocent people by shooting them. We need a solution. If blockchain is the solution then let’s get this done. I’m tired of waking up scared”

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