Blockchain Airspace: The Antidote to Global Infrastructure Shortages

VIMANA Global sees the world from above, in blockchain airspace.  Deploying drones via blockchain addresses four critical problems facing the globe: 

  1. Urban populations expected to grow by 1.25 billion people by 2025. 
  2. A decaying urban infrastructure, which demands new transportation models such as urban air mobility.
  3. Escalating food demands will force farmers to work more land to avoid shortages.
  4. Growing demand for oil and gas.

These global problems need a new approach.  VIMANA is developing products and services that will offer a passenger drone for urban air mobility, an agricultural drone, and an oil and gas drone.  The first initiative is installation of blockchain airspace, which will enable VIMANA drones to be deployed around the globe, for applications in transportation, farming and energy development.

Blockchain airspace is the preferred, logical method to use for VIMANA drones. It supports the Smart Cities concept by enabling a whole new class of transportation, including automated air traffic control protocols.  It will help combat the growing food shortage by enabling ‘robofarmers’ to cover more land, at less cost, using drones for fertilization, seeding and eventually, harvesting.

Oil and gas demand is a major driver in VIMANA’s strategy.  Oil and gas producers have the twin pressures of finding new sources to meet escalating demand, at the same time they need to keep pricing competitive.  Blockchain airspace answers these challenges by using drones to survey new sites, monitor construction, and examine and service oil and gas producing infrastructure.  Unmanned drones save costs and add efficiency to these tasks.

The first commercial use of this system will be VIMANA’s development of urban air mobility services to support Smart Cities.  It will deploy the first-ever blockchain airspace—a

facilities based communications network consisting of blockchain airspace nodes and data links that cover urban airspace as a dynamic blockchain mesh, while also seamlessly interconnecting with terrestrial blockchain airspace nodes and public blockchain.

VIMANA estimates blockchain airspace will be a $1 trillion market by 2035.   VIMANA has the technology to put blockchain airspace into commercial use, and solve these critical shortage and infrastructure challenges.