An interesting trip together with DeskBell Chain

Nowadays, there are practically no tourists, who go to the airport or railway station to buy tickets, paper maps and who do not use the search and booking services. Most people simply cannot imagine their trips without modern technologies, because they rely on them before and during the trip and keep track of useful novelties. Those who are immersed in the topic most deeply, undoubtedly, are aware of the active introduction of blockchain technology in the sphere of tourism, and therefore they are sure to be pleased with the appearance of DeskBell Chain – the project that is based on blockchain-platform within DeskBell.

First of all, a few words about DeskBell service. It is a new mobile service that contains all information about a particular hotel and can help guests to navigate in it. Opening it on the smartphone, a guest will be able to find out all the phone numbers of the hotel, menus and restaurants and bars prices, to see if there are entertainments and determine the geolocation directly in the app at any time. In addition, the guests have the opportunity to be aware of the nearest events in the hotel.

The idea of the project appeared in 2014, in 2015 applications for iOS and Android were released, and in 2016 the application was tested in real conditions for the first time. Thus, the project has been developing for more than three years and managed to pass the test in several hotels. Now, there are more than a million hotels and hotels around the world in the database of DeskBell.

In 2018, the project took a serious step forward: the introduction of constantly growing blockchain technologies started in DeskBell. People may wonder: why is this necessary? According to the developers, blockchain will even more effectively allow implement the main task facing DeskBell – making travel easier, more comfortable and memorable. DeskBell Chain will create high-quality marketing services not only for representatives of the tourism industry, but also for their clients. So how does it work?

The tourist has left behind the planning of the trip, booking tickets, flight – and, finally, he arrived at the chosen in advance hotel. It often happens that people visit the most famous sights, walk along the most beaten paths and, possibly, keep in touch with any activities at the hotel. However, maybe, there are many interesting places next to your hotel too? A colorful restaurant with a national cuisine around the corner or, for example, a museum or a local shopping center that announced a sale? Moreover, maybe the famous singer is playing nearby? With DeskBell Chain you will not miss any interesting event that occurs at the place where your hotel is located. Because of this project, any tourist in the hotel becomes a participant of a special ecosystem that unites hotels, nearby institutions and local businesses in the mutual exchange of services, offers and events. Motivate for participation in the service and promotion of services will be the domestic currency – DBT tokens.

For the representatives of the tourist business, participation in DeskBell Chain ecosystem will make it possible to increase the average check, allow to make interactions with customers automated and reduce advertising costs; users will be asked to implement certain marketing tasks of varying complexity, for which they will be rewarded with DBT tokens. Further, by receiving tokens, users will be able to participate more actively in the mutual exchange system, and pay using tokens in DeskBell, buying goods or services in hotels and tourist business.

Thus, DeskBellChain offers tourists to take a fresh look at their trips. You will agree that to discover and visit previously unknown or little-known places and talk about them, show your creativity and participate in interesting events, without detaching yourself from the trip, and at the same time get a reward is tempting and new for the tourism market.