100+ billions of adult entertainment economy winks an eye to crpyto-world with LEONS

Watching porn for coins is a thing but what about hosting, uploading, sharing, and creating to get coins for it?

LEONS, a European group which has some American content partners, along with a merger with FrontCamToken, their PyGama Party app , and merger of KISSES COIN / KISSES TECHNOLOGY, is backed by a strong team and partners. They have a track record of producing, directing, filming and distributing adult content for years across multiple sites in Europe and the US.

They claim to be the first ever to present a chance for the users to earn coins for creating, hosting, uploading and sharing legal and original content while exploring properties, resorts, dating-meeting points, arenas, shopping centers, private houses and more for their own pleasure and adult entertainment.

LEONS seems to have their unique blockchain-based ecosystem to present a new and exciting, never-before-seen experience in adult entertainment, backed by its own community, software, apps and decentralized apps. This enables the team behind it to create a world of epic proportions, where users will experience a host of benefits, including:

  • Earning coins for viewing, hosting, browsing, posting and sharing content (monetizing their contributions to the platform). The content including media, pictures, posting videos and posts will have a value now.
  • Accessing fun and exciting places on the ISLAND where you can fulfill all your desires, dreams and fantasies anonymously with limitless possibilities like enjoying the private parties, adventures, games, contests, and everything else made available to you.
  • Customizing, renting, trading or using your very own piece of the MOON.
  • Customizing, training, upgrading and using a unique UNICORN to earn more coins and move freely around the ISLAND.
  • Using the LEONS Debit Card to access your coins and convert them into fiat currency.
  • Enjoying affiliate partner sites with exclusive content and virtual worlds, both combined for the full scope of what adult entertainment has in store.

LEONS’ CEO says by mentioning some parts of their ecosystem:

“Now, users get the exclusive opportunity to participate in the ICO and unlock access to a world built on limitless possibilities – from The ISLAND, to UNICORNIA, MOON.LIVE and dozens of unique, quality adult sites.”

LEONS ICO started on 19 March 2018 with Private Sale.

To check out more information about this interesting project their website, Click Here!

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