What comes to your mind when “Artificial Intelligence “is mentioned? Crazy smart computers taking over the world, enslaving humanity or wiping us out for our own good? Well, you are not alone in that assumption or fear, as this is what the movies have instilled in us.

As humans, we have always dreaded the unknown, and fear what the future might hold. We love to be in total control of the variables, and as the age of Artificial Intelligence dawns upon us, it is perfectly normal to hear a lot of media personalities stoking this fear of Artificial Intelligence and how we are going to lose control of everything. While proponents of this breathtaking technology would, on the other hand, want us to believe there is no danger whatsoever when it comes to AI, there are a third force in the equation whose aim is balance between the advancement of technology while ensuring it comes at no price as far as safety and continued supremacy of the human race is concerned.

There are a lot of organizations with many ideas in this area trying to ensure that we welcome AI and integrate it into modern life with zero threats, but none has deployed the perfect machinery that will aid it to achieve this goal than the Magnus Collective, a revolutionary blockchain powered platform.

The blockchain technology with its inherent decentralization has been hailed as one of the most incorruptible, and democratizing pieces of technology that man has ever created. With its unparalleled reliability, the Magnus Collective hopes to set the standard t=for the adoption of AI by making all its resources readily available for everyone interested.

While previous stages of development of technology has been solely benefited by the well-off and the international conglomerates, the Magnus Collective wants to ensure that AI due to its high sensitivity and yet unknown potentials lands in the hands of every one of us, with the idea being that liberalization in accessing AI resources will ensure there is maximum oversight which will curtail any abuses or development of faulty technologies in the field.

To simplify things, what the Magnus Collective aims to achieve is to ensure that you and I are able to access AI resources, ire AI to make our tasks easier, and aid us develop and create other services that will benefit humanity, wherever we may be located on the surface of the planet. You don’t have to own an international behemoth of a company before you can now actively participate, and bring your own token of effort in ensuring that AI, in general, develops to be the safe technology that we all hope it would be.

Developers of software, for example, can now actively use AI, though this liberalized ecosystem, with very limited resources, in creating and or modifying services and applications that will make our lives easier. AI, for example, can be used in reimagining response to wildfire incidents in the California area, or in forecasting drought in sensitive areas of the African continent, giving us ample time to take precautionary measures to ensure people living in those areas dodge the worst f such natural occurrences,

The Magnus Collective does not want you, to be just an onlooker, but hopes that with bringing down costs, and by using the blockchain technology to bring AI resources that have previously been impossible to access, you and I will all become active participants rather than helpless bystanders in a technology, whose rise is all but inevitable in the very near future. The Magnus Collective platform has been hailed as one of the hottest investment opportunities out there, and even world-renowned publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and INC, are beginning to take notice of this platform, whose wonderstruck of conjoining blockchain technology and AI looks set to be the solution that will allay all fears of the technology and usher us to a new dawn of human development.