Ternio is the next big revolution in digital world

Ternio is the next big technology that will change how we transact with advertisers, publishers and also with user verification. In the meantime, Ternio will available to select advertisement agencies and publishers.

The Idea behind Ternio

Ternio aims to be the panacea for the whole digital eco-chain by allowing advertisers and publishers to transact with each other instantly based on independent apprehension rather than the total result. Users can transact without any bank fees and globally.

What makes TERNIO special?

  • Fraud Prevention – Bots is the most rampantly used weapon to conduct fraud in the Advertisement industry. Ternio helps to eliminate this at the start of every session and hence allowing advertisers to display their adds to verified users only.
  • Transparent Supply Chain – 100% Transparency by decentrally keeping the log of smart contract that is digitally signed by using most advanced technology. It will complement the existing ecosystem by bringing full transparency into each layer with the cost. It can also present the information of each transaction in each layer into a single ledger.
  • One Blockchain Solutions – Payments, Security, and Full Transparency – Ternio starts from the supply chain and recording all the transaction until payment using state of the art cryptographic technology.

Lexicon based Hyperledger Fabric is what provides Ternio the foundation on which it is built on. Lexicon proved immediate smart contracts, a communication layer for the data transfer and is based on Steller (XLM).

Ternio has already raised $2,450,700 and, you can get a 20% discount if you buy before April 2nd, 2018. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Wire transfer can be done for the purchase.

Roadmap 2018:

  • Q1- Announcement and pre-sale beginning
  • Q2- Public token sale and product launch
  • Q3- Third Party cross-chain communication and user verification
  • Q4- Flat token exchange and Block Card issued
  • Q1 2019 – Ternio Exchange

Sandra Ver, a blockchain developer from Oslo says,

“I am generally skeptical of ICOs since they could be scams. Ternio, on the other hand, looks different and promising, there are real-world applications for this token and the tech behind this is amazing”

You could visit their website here – https://www.ternio.io/

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