REMME—The Cure to Expensive Company Password/Login Servers

It’s Time to Kick One of the Most Taxing and Nerve-Wracking Parts of Protecting Data Privacy to the Curb

Let’s start with a simple mental exercise. You’re the CEO of a big company. You have several large-scale servers that house and protect all your customers’ logins and passwords—but, hackers are hackers, and one day, you’re hacked.

All of your customers’ data is exposed. Credit card info. Phone numbers. Emails. Social Security Numbers. It’s your fault, and the world is about to rake you over the coals face first.

Sound awful? It happens all the time these days.

Now, what if you never, ever had to worry about logins and passwords ever again—because your company used technology from REMME to permanently protect your customers’ data and user authentication?

Welcome to the world of block chain.

Block chains are changing the world—and any investor will tell you that the best cryptocurrencies to get behind are the ones which have a killer block chain utility behind them.

Why? Because a block chain that gets widely adopted and used by companies across the world is going to spike in value on the cryptocurrency side of things. Right now, the market is flush with investors looking for the right token distribution’s in which to take part, and we’ve got an absolutely fantastic new crypto in which to introduce you, dear reader:


What is REMME?

REMME is getting rid of passwords entirely, and using block chain technology has and was and machine authentication across all systems, all over the world. Ready for the brief, and important, technical part? REMME uses a Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security certificate for every single connected device. These certificates are stored via block chain, which creates a permanent, fixed record for authentication anytime someone wants to access their information from their device. Fake certificates will never work for your device, if they can even be created, at all.

This eliminates the threat of phishing, brute force data steals, bucket brigades, keylogging, server breaches, password breaches, and more.

A study published by Google and Berkeley researchers found that between March 2016 and March 2017, 788,000 people were victims of keyloggers, 12.4 million people were victims of phishing kits, and 1.9 billion usernames and passwords were compromised in data breaches and sold on the black market.

Using block chain technology, REMME has made personal credentials immune to cyber attacks. Without the existence of username and password databases, digital thieves and hackers have nowhere to go, and nothing to target. Servers containing these databases simply don’t exist, permanently removing the vulnerability usernames and passwords give our most personal information.

Next time you want to access your personal data, all you have to do is use your device and click using two-factor authentication.

So, as a company, here’s how you can get involved REMME. In fact, as any kind of investor, here’s how you can get involved with REMME’s token distribution:

Since block chain is empowering this movement, REMME will generating one billion REM Tokens, with 50% up for sale. As a utility token, REM Tokens will power all operations within the REMME ecosystem. That means your investment will be capitalizing on the usage of the SSL system and overall block chain application REMME is putting forward.

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