Agro Tech Farm: Organic Food as Medication

Developing our grower was not only a business venture but also a personal journey for one of our team members. For Ilya Tsigvintsev organic food is not just a matter of taste or preference but a medication. Read the story how the ATF grower solved his problems.

We are what we eat

Age 20, Ilya started having red rashes on his face that resembled acne. Until 25, he stayed idle but as things were getting more complicated,he went to get checked. The doctors explained that his condition was due to improper nutrition. Turned out, the food he has been eating contained chemicals that his body cannot process properly.

Unfortunately, the acne was a symptom of a more serious health problem. The acne was caused by a gastritis of the duodenum (small intestines). Some of the causes for this condition are repeated exposure to substances from the type of caustic acids that burn organic tissues.

Seems strange, doesn’t it? How would such substances end up in our bodies?

Caustic acid in tomatoes?

It is shocking to see that googling the term ‘caustic acid in vegetables” yields almost 2 million entries. Appears that many producers spray their vegetables and plants with such poisonous substances to keep them from going bad. Together with that these growers often resort to using silicone spray and colorants to make the veggies more visually appealing.

Most medical journals contain papers on the hazard these chemicals pose. Or if you are not into academia you can check out this video by Vice.

Although most of the buzz regarding the use of these chemicals is citing India as an example, European producers who export to Russia also use such techniques.

Trust no one — grow your own

To improve his condition Ilya was recommended to eat organic, locally grown food.

However, Russia is a pretty cold place. During most of the year growing vegetables and fruits is virtually impossible. They are mostly imported from Europe.

Also as Iliya pointed out the distances are huge. Moscow to Yekaterinburg alone is at a distance of 2000 km. That is plus the 800–900 km to get from Europe to Russia. Keeping a tomato fresh for so long definitely involves a lot of chemicals.

As a result Ilya struggled a lot to find quality clean food to treat his condition. He realized that going to the market is not an optimal solution because he still cannot be sure the food is 100% clean.

Setting up a garden at his backward wasn’t really an option due to the cold climate. Ilya realized that the only way he and others in a similar situation can have 100% clean food is by growing it indoors himself.

The ATF Grower: From concept to reality

This is how the concept of the ATF homegrower emergeda home appliance that allows you to grow most plants anywhere and anytime. Read more about the device.

In 2012 he met Alexei Kovnerchuk who was looking for equipment for growing vegetables. The two realized that although for different reasons they have the same causeto provide organic vegetables and fruit to the Russian market.

Fast forward to present day and the AgroTechFarm Homegrower is a working appliance with a dope design. Ilya went 100% organic, thanks to the grower and he is feeling better than ever. In fact, the team is ready to go to mass production!

Want to learn more about the appliance itself? Check out this piece, we have explained everything in detail!


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