How the ‘CanYa HODL Club’ Could Be Paving the Way for ICOs of the Future

Despite the many shortcomings of 2017, there is no doubt it has been exceedingly kind to the crypto community.

ICOs are the new fundraising craze.

With countless new crypto startups flooding the market every day, it’s becoming more and more difficult for new companies to stand out to investors.

But This Crypto Startup is Raising the Bar Even Higher…

CanYa is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace that is powered by blockchain.

It gives users the freedom to hire experts and professionals from anywhere in the world, and is designed to be a more appealing alternative to current freelancer websites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

The platform is powered by the CanYaCoin. This acts as a bridge between the world’s $2 trillion service economy with over 200 million users, and the ever-growing crypto community.

All users on the app are verified and reviewed to ensure they are providing a legitimate service. They are also rated by other users on the app who have used their services to ensure the service they are providing is of good quality.

The app is free to download, setup, and maintain.

Its ICO launched on the 26th November 2017 and has so far received a significant level of interest from investors.

The One Major Flaw of ICOs…

One of the main issues with ICOs is that they often result in tokens getting dumped on exchanges at the earliest possible opportunity so users can make some quick cash.

There has been a huge problem with ICO ‘pump and dump’ scams. As a result, many people are afraid to invest out of fear of losing money. This is a huge problem, and in many cases is it pushing people away from making legitimate investments.

However, this crypto startup is determined to prove to its contributors it’s here to stay, and that they should stick it out for the long term.

Introducing the CanYa HODL Club…

The CanYa HODL Club is designed to incentivize users to HODL their tokens. It is a brand new idea that has never been seen in an ICO before, but the team are confident of its success.

(Despite what it may look like, ‘HODL’ isn’t actually a misspelling of ‘HOLD’…the idea was inspired by an infamous Bitcoin forum post.)

Joining the CanYa HODL Club is simple. If you purchased more than 5,000 CAN tokens at the ICO, then you’re already a part of the HODL club!

Those who didn’t participate in the initial ICO will need to make a slightly higher investment by purchasing 10,000 CAN tokens before applying.

Benefits of the HODL Club

As a member of the CanYa HODL Club, both short and long-term HODLers will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits.

First off, in the first three months following the closure of the ICO, members of the HODL club will be airdropped tokens every month. The number of tokens they will receive will be proportional to their token balance.

Long-term members of the HODL club will also experience an airdrop of tokens once a year. Again, this is based on your token balance. As time progresses, more and more members will gradually leave the club.

This means those who stay in the HODL club for a longer period of time will receive a higher number of tokens overall.

Members of the HODL club will also be the first to receive exclusive access to CanYa’s roadmap execution, and they’ll also be the first to receive breaking news from the company.

The team is even planning to create their own merchandise – including CanYa hardware wallets and minted CanYa coins. These will be regularly given away exclusively to members of the HODL group.

And if you still haven’t been convinced, as a HODL club member you’ll even receive tickets to the annual CanYa blockchain conference to be held in a destination chosen by club members…there will even be a party afterward!

A New Standard For ICOs…

To become a member of the HODL club, you’ll need to purchase at least 5,000 CAN tokens – the equivalent of just over 4 ETH.

The hard cap of the ICO is only 19,333 ETH – so make sure to get in soon to ensure you don’t miss out!

The reception to the idea has been very positive so far.

With the way things are going, CanYa might just have set a new standard for ICOs of the future.