Artificial Intelligence becomes closer to traders with DataTrading

DataTrading is an innovative company that makes Artificial Intelligence available to ordinary traders by developing a platform, entirely based on neural networks and machine learning. Successful trading with minimal risks and accurate forecasting is now available to each member of the community!

One can claim that there are many analytical and trading strategy services in the modern world. The fundamental difference between DataTrading and all other companies is the use machine learning and neural networks to build the models that help the traders to make decisions and trade on the financial markets. These revolutionary instruments will also be available to traders and the community so that they can develop their own models for exchange markets. This unique feature makes DataTrading a very perspective project, capable of starting a new era in the world of trading.

Currently, DataTrading is preparing for pre-sale and token sale that will give the company a future opportunity to develop its products. Thus, the pre-sale that also grants all participants a 30% bonus will start from 11.20.2017 till 11.30.2017 and the actual token sale will be held in two rounds:

  • round A, for the eastern region 12.18.2017–01.08.2018;
  • round B, for the western region 02.01.2018–02.22.2018.

“Token sale for us is not only a way to raise funds, but also an opportunity to gather the audience of our users and to form a community of system participants that will push us to create the  product the highest quality for the market of traders, and we will definitely do it!”—Roman Sobko Head of marketing.

DataTrading is also proud of its well-elaborated set of tools for analytics and forecasting. Traders are sometimes interested in using unique models that are not available to other participants of the system, so reducing the number of customers who can use this strategy simultaneously increases the competitiveness of this model in the marketplace. Some of the tools were developed by DataTrading specifically for its community of traders, who will get a unique access to them and will be able to enjoy successful trading with their help. What is more, artificial intelligence can be successfully used for scoring IPO projects: an even larger amount of historical data will provide more accurate scoring results and a forecast of the dynamics of stock prices on stock exchanges.

Each can now become a part of an innovative community of traders and get an access to the tools that guarantee high accuracy and effectiveness.

Join the token sale and you will be in top 1% of the most successful traders in the world!

Olena Burutina