PlayMarket 2.0: The Next-Gen Way App-Development Platform

Somewhere around 2001, a friend of mine was visiting while I was doing a bit of online surfing. He leaned over my shoulder and recommended I try this new search engine, Google. Never heard of it, but then my friend was always a bit further along the curve than me, so I clicked through.

One of the things that people really liked about Google at the time, and still do, is the slim, no nonsense look of the site. It inspired a feeling that they were really focused on what was important, getting me the results I wanted, rather than on news, shopping, or whatever else other search engines were doing. And, I really liked the simplicity of their motto: Don’t Be Evil.

Sixteen years later, and I have to say I still like Google. It still has the simple search functionality, and I also like so much of the other things it does from news (yeah, I know) to analytics.

And that, kind of, is the problem. Google, like a handful of other websites has gotten so big, so powerful, so pervasive, that it no longer even feels like a choice to use them. Don’t Be Evil is no longer their motto – They dropped it in 2015. Rather, they have become a poster-child of the ravenous, many-tentacled corporate beasts that like to swallow up the competition.

I’m not saying that Google is evil. I’m simply saying that when anyone company gets that big, so centralized, so powerful, that the concept of evil kind of stops applying to them. And that is why the decentralization movement is so important. Decentralization of information, money, and power and redistributes it back from the central hubs to you and me.

And that’s what PlayMarket 2.0 is currently trying to do for app development. For years, Google Play and iTunes have had a stranglehold on the development of apps. Google has been far more permissive than iTunes’ walled garden, but even they have occasionally used a heavy hand to get reject or remove apps that offended (here, here).

What PlayMarket is trying to do is completely put the power back in the hands of the developers and users.

After an initial ICO, starting this November 8, PlayMarket will begin marketing to both developers and consumers. The developers can use the platform to raise funds to create their apps and get marketing support. Users can find apps that they think have promise and invest in their development, gaining benefits of dividends from future profits earned by the app, in game, purchases, etc.

PlayMarket will then be a decentralized organization. Developers and users will find each other through the platform. Useful apps will be supported and promoted by the wisdom of the crowds. The PlayMarket tokens, will be useful not only in the PlayMarket ecosystem, but also tradeable on any cryptocurrency exchange that lists it.

And what of Google or Apple in this scenario? Why, they simply won’t have a role. Nor will they be able to skim the 30 or more percent fees off the top of every purchase that should go directly to the developer. And get more people interested in developing apps and figuring out new and cool ways to make our online lives more fun, interesting, and convenient.

Some of the more interesting people advising and supporting PlayMarket 2.0 are Chandler Gou, a longtime crypto investor who has done much to support the development of the crypto-economy, and Manie Edgar, Blockchain of Canada’s chairman.

The world has been becoming smaller and smaller, which is a great thing. It opens up a world of possibilities. It is also a terrible thing as those with wealth and power seek to gain more and more. Decentralization of information, money, and now, even the development of apps is a way to ensure even as we get closer together, we also get to stay free.

Are you interested in helping to create a decentralized system for developers to create and users to support the next generation of apps? Drop by PlayMarket 2.0 and find out how you can participate!

You can find out more on their Telegram channel here.