Trump Tries to Revive the Old Economy; Bitcoin Prepares for the New

One of the reasons I got into Bitcoin in the first place was the mendacity of the he government and of people in control of the big corporations that rule our economic (read, every day) landscape. Corporate heads and government leaders are often in an incestuous relationship in any case.

So, Donald Trump has proudly, almost belligerently if you watch his press announcement, issued two executive orders that will provide better data on unfair trade practices by trading partners to the US and allow for measured responses to correct those imbalances.


And, so what? This is a tiny effort that nibbles around the edges of the problem. At the same time as he is doing this, Trump is doing everything he can to deregulate and reinvigorate a dinosauric coal industry. This is an industry that once was the backbone of American industry and provided many good, union jobs that though difficult and dangerous, also propelled many into the middle class.

It is absolutely true that people living in coal towns are hurting. It is also absolutely true that more should be done to help them re-find the middle-class lifestyle they once enjoyed. It is absolutely not true that that life should be found at the bottom of a stinking shaft.

American needs to be putting minds, backs, and treasure into retooling for the future, not trying to dig up the past.

Trump, in his announcement, called the American worker his ‘North Star.’ Trump has always had a difficult time with the truth. It does not seem to be that he intentionally lies very much, but rather, as someone who has always been the 800-pound gorilla in the room who all the other gorillas are afraid to contradict, he has come to believe that if he says something, it is true.

But, when you look at the rogues gallery of industry titans and Wall Street insiders he’s put in place. When you look at how most of the his cabinet have been chosen for their jobs seemingly because they hate the departments they run. When you understand that he is and has always been part of a plutocratic bubble of uber-wealthy people who believe that if it’s good for them, then it must be good for the country – even if regular people like 99.9 percent of the population loses out.

I’m invested in Bitcoin because our political and financial systems are broken and have been rigged as a wealth redistribution system from you and me to the uber-wealthy. Bitcoin is no panacea that will cure all the ills of the economy, but it is a statement that I, and thousands like me are making, to take back our financial freedom.

Further, the more corrupt the government and financial centers become, the closer the day comes when a scandal or crisis occurs that is so big that the whole thing begins to topple. When that happens, Bitcoin as a math-based, decentralized currency will be unaffected and may be the only financial instrument still standing when the dust settles.
So, what do you have in your wallet?