Minex Platform Opens Subscription of MineCoin Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Press Release: MineCoin, the cryptocurrency of blockchain based Minex Crowd-business Management and Investment platform is now available for subscription.

September 2, 2016 Kyiv, Ukraine � Minex is a secure, investor friendly platform created by a team of Ukrainian developers. The platform is designed to solve some of the recurring issues faced by the modern investment sector. The centralized nature of present day financial system makes it vulnerable to certain events that can bring down the whole economy or at least cause significant losses to investors. Many investors are constantly living under the fear of stock exchanges being hacked, hostile takeover of joint-stock companies, bank thefts, etc. This has resulted in the creation of an uncertain atmosphere where people are apprehensive about investments and long-term storage of wealth.

Centralization of registration and data storage in investment systems makes critical data vulnerable to security breaches and destruction due to unforeseen events. The Minex team’s revolutionary solution uses blockchain technology to protect investments by eliminating the risk of outside influence and data loss.

Minex is more than just a cryptocurrency platform. It is a whole system of investments, payments, distributed trade registries and smart contracts built on blockchain technology. Minex Crowd-business Management and Investment (CBMI) is an open source platform that allows investors to efficiently invest in small and medium businesses as well as startups. From idea stage, Minex CBMI platform is currently entering the development phase. The team will soon have a working model ready for the market. Once ready, the platform will enable investors to finance some of the most dynamic and flexible market segments including small and medium businesses, non-profits and charitable organizations while factoring expenses and interim payments.

What Makes Minex Different from Other Platforms?

Unlike other existing solutions, Minex is the world’s first platform to eliminate all the risks and shortcoming associated with centralized investment systems. The Crowd-business Management and Investment platform incorporates crowdfunding and crowd-investing functionalities which make it possible for any individual to invest in the projects of their interest. In addition, investors don’t have to be silent observers anymore. The platform allows investors to take a hands-on approach and get involved in the operations of the business they have invested in. They will have the power to control how the investments work for the benefit of both the investors and their businessof interest.

The Minex project will include a fully functional support structure to ensure smooth and efficient operation. The platform will be supported by:

� a decentralized exchange
� a decentralized bank
� payments system and debit cards
� global MineCoin cryptocurrency network

All transactions on Minex platform will be made using MineCoin (MNC), a MARS algorithm based cryptocurrency. The platform will allow companies to create digital stocks in the form of crypto-tokens. These digital stocks can be used to raise funds by organizing a crowdsale (ICO) on the integrated decentralized exchange. Upon successful fundraising, the digital stocks will be made available on leading cryptocurrency exchanges where investors can trade their digital stocks at market value.

Minex decentralized bank acts as a bridge between the fiat based traditional financial system and the MineCoin ecosystem. It facilitates the flow of capital between both systems through debit cards and cryptocurrency. It also offers loans through smart-lending

Minex has made MineCoin available for subscription. Those who are interested in being part of the Minex project early on can subscribe to the digital currency on the website.

MineCoin Team

Boris Shulyaev (Chief Executive Officer � Founder)
email: [email protected]

Ruslan Babych (Chief Technology Officer � Founder)
email: [email protected]

Vladyslav Zaichuk (Blockchain developer)
email: [email protected]

Daniel Shulyaev (Community Manager)
email: [email protected]

Know more about Minex and MineCoin at � https://minecoin.org/

Media Contact

Contact Person: Daniel Shulyaev

Contact Email: [email protected]

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

MineCoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only.

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