Bill to ban the weakening of encryption proposed in congress

According to the article, two IS house members have put forward a bill that would forbid states and municipalities from passing laws requiring manufactures to build back doors into devices such as cell phones.

Although a positive move, one of the reasons given seems like particularly weak sauce: that companies can’t be expected to make products for particular states.

The real reasons to refuse back -door requests are 1) that there is no way to put a door in that bad guys can’t use, making us all less secure, and 2) it is the basic right of every person to expect a certain level of privacy.

Law enforcement officials need to remember that there are many ways to catch criminals and not rely on methods that smack of Soviet Russia.

i look forward to the day, that’s coming soon, when when the populace will start surveilling the government rather than the other way around

In an age when money is becoming digital, Bitcoin will play an important role in this process of keeping the powers of government powers in check and our rights sacrosanct.