US Republicans officially declare war on Internet gambling?

Soon enough, the US gamblers may say final goodbye to Internet casino games in their country. The main reason is President Barack Obama administration’s act on virtual gambling legalization falling under threat of being recalled by a proposal drafted by the two Republican senators. Will it become a major concern for the multi-million gambler community in the US?
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Generally speaking, Internet gambling didn’t have any legal status in the US before the year 2011, when the Justice Department officially deemed in-state Internet gambling providers lawful and granted them a permission to offer services to customers. Online sportsbooks still continued to be in state disfavor.

In June 2015, senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham of the Republican party (representing the states of Florida and South Carolina respectively), both being presidential candidates for the 2016 election, introduced a proposal draft aiming to put Internet casino portals in the United Stated under a ban completely. In actual fact, their proposal sought to re-introduce the infamous Restoration of America’s Wire Act which, in its turn, was issued in an attempt to completely prohibit virtual gambling in the country as such.

As noted by Mr. Rubio, who’s also co-sponsoring this raft, “expanded gambling” is largely challenging in the sense it’s harder to “enforce […] safeguards to protect people from fraud and addiction” when people gamble online. Rubio believes what the Justice Department did in 2011 was divergently interpreting the existing law neglecting Congress completely in order to remove the barriers for online casino gaming. What Rubio thinks Congress should do now is re-instate the ban on virtual gambling and return to the public debate on what steps should be taken further.

At the moment, Internet casinos are allowed to operate legally in 3 states only: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The thing is, in several other states players can also access virtual casino games, although officially it’s unlawful. Curiously enough, as soon as the new law is passed, there will be no option to buy state lottery tickets on the Internet, although it will still be okay to purchase them at retail locations.

How can Bitcoin help?
Bitcoin casino gaming seems to be a legal possibility to evade the ban and still enjoy casino games online, the more so that it is also much more handy and cost-effective to make payments in, considering transaction instantaneousness and anonymity that can be provided by block-chain technology Bitcoin system is based on.
A decentralized industry offering a great variety of Bitcoin casino games and other betting activities is not a gamblers’ dream any more. It’s already the reality of today.