How to Play Poker Using Bitcoin

Online poker is hardly a new concept. People have been messing with the notion for almost as long as the internet has been popular. Over the past ten years or so, it has become even more intricate and popular. You can now stroll into online casinos that are as elaborate in their designs and energy as anything you could find in the real world, and play your favorite version of poker in an online realm.

While the laws surrounding online poker can be difficult to understand for newcomers, the fact remains that online poker is a juggernaut of an industry. It is not going to disappear anytime soon. It only makes sense that the digital form of currency known as bitcoin would eventually be invited to the poker game.

Can you play poker online with bitcoin money? You bet you can.

Online Poker And Bitcoins

While online poker has grown by extraordinary leaps and bounds over the past decade and change, true progression has been stifled to a certain extent. This is largely due to the fact that countries like the United States have cracked down on all forms of online poker. Some choose to work around this, while others choose to wait for the law to catch up to the ever-growing opinion that online poker could be hugely beneficial, if it were legalized and regulated.

Regardless, if you are live in a country in which online poker is illegal, you are assuming certain risks by seeking out venues that work with flat-currencies. Longtime players no doubt still remember that hideous “Black Friday” of 2011, which brought some of the most powerful online poker hotspots in the world to the brink of obliteration. Many believe that the laws surrounding online poker are ludicrous, but they will continue to be laws for at least the foreseeable future. If you want to play poker online, and you actually want to win some money at it, what are your options?

This is where bitcoin becomes an intriguing notion.

Using Bitcoin For Online Poker

The very notion that bitcoin allows for the anonymous movement for money makes it an appealing alternative to flat-currencies. Online poker sites that deal in bitcoin are becoming more and more popular by the day. It is not hard to understand why this is the case.

The simple fact of the matter is that bitcoin is an anonymous form of making withdrawals and deposits. More to the point, it is an unregulated industry. While that means that you are assuming certain risks, it also means that by using it as a form of legitimate currency, you are no longer bound to the restrictions facing online poker players who use flat-currencies.

It is also worth noting that with online poker sites that use more traditional forms of currency, the player is often required to give forth a glut of personal information. With poker sites that utilize bitcoin, you are giving only the most basic information out. In short, you will be up and playing in hardly any time at all.

And how do you play online poker using bitcoin? Essentially, you are going to play online poker with bitcoin in the same way that you would play online poker with traditional forms of currency. Look for simplicity and functionality in the online poker site you wind up choosing. If you are absolutely new to the world of online poker, check out sites like Betcoin Poker, Lucky Flop, Crypto Poker, or PurePoker. All of these sites are popular with novices and veterans alike. There are tons of other sites out there. If you are just starting to learn the ins and outs, focus on researching poker sites that offer tons of games, have exceptional customer service reviews, and are easy to navigate and use. The sites already mentioned should get you off on the right foot. You should also look into online poker sites that offer tons of bonuses and rewards.

You should have fun with the online poker site that you choose. You should also make sure you have a profound understanding of how bitcoin functions, as well as how it is different from more traditional forms of currency. It is a payment system that deals solely in a digital form of money. This form of currency is run solely through its users. When you are using bitcoin for online poker, you are essentially winning and losing money with the resources that exist in your bitcoin wallet.

Those are some of the basics of bitcoins. However, you will want to do additional research on the subject. You may want to use several tools to gather and compare information such as industry listings, we recommend you to look at the list of Bitcoin poker sites of Poker-analyst.

The Future Of Online Poker And Bitcoin

Online poker is here to stay. Bitcoins are continuing to rise in usage. The relationship between these two is going to continue to grow and develop as time goes on. If you desire to play online poker, bitcoin is worth exploring.

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