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Bitcoin Press Release: PayIvy lets anyone sell digital goods and services such as e-books, music, movies, software, code snippets and much more. PayIvy enables sellers to accept multiple payment options including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and PayPal.

Bitcoin friendly service for online goods and services PayIvy enables anyone worldwide to buy and sell digital content immediately – with no website required. Sellers can list items such as e-books, music, software, codes and online services for free with no further obligations, and no monthly fee, while enjoying 100% of the revenue. PayIvy also offers multiple safe payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and OmniCoin. Omnicoin is the adopted crypto currency of one of the most popular internet forums.

By signing up for a free account sellers can start listing items in minutes like popular videos, music and e-books. Programmers and coders can also profit by using PayIvy to sell software licensing. Setup is instantaneous and no website is required; sellers simply point customers to their PayIvy item link.

Payvly strives to become the go to platform for almost all online goods and services. PayIvy differs from similar platforms by offering unique features such as an affiliate system, .NET licensing system for selling software, code purchase support and a multiple cryptocurrency payment system via Coinpayments.

Registering on PayIvy as a seller only requires the user to choose a username, preferred email, a secure password and password confirmation. The entire process only takes a few seconds.

PayIvy offers a reliable and secure instant ecommerce platform with a user-friendly interface and minimalistic design; for the ultimate user experience making it a fast and easy way to sell digital products online, and is a true asset to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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