OneHash Unleashes UEFA Champions and Europa League Betting

The Bitcoin betting platform OneHash is now providing its users with the ability to bet on UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches. Its founders further announce that additional sports and special event betting will follow.

OneHash first rose to fill the need for Bitcoin sports betting during last year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The new site was an instant success, garnering praise from its users. The success of this launch convinced the owners to continue and expand the project. After a short break, the site has returned to provide betters with the ability to wager on UEFA Champions League matches.

Brand manager Eric Baker said that the site was originally conceived when the founders saw that there was no good way to bet on sports with Bitcoin. “We aim at creating a clean and user friendly place for betters who want to have fun while watching their favorite teams,” he said. They boast no advertisements and no other distractions: just fun and excitement.

The site is not a sports bookmaker as its users are not betting against OneHash, but rather against other betters. Because of this, the betting environment can vary radically before a match, providing an adrenalin pumping experience.

There is no registration process: Betters simply make their bet and input a wallet address and an email address so they can be notified of their winnings and losses.

The owners are looking to grow and get more users to their rising Bitcoin betting site and are planning big things in the coming months.


OneHash is a simple and modern bitcoin betting platform. It enables users to make mutual bets via the platform.

This means that all bitcoins circulate between bettors and belong to themselves. Such a solution ensures high

credibility of OneHash as a betting provider. Moreover, dynamic betting course means that any bet has an actual

impact on the course, which results in even more emotions during the game.