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Bitcoin Press Release: Gaming cryptocurrency HYPER is pleased to announce sponsorship of retro adventure game Troll Song; as the first indie game in the world to be sponsored by cryptocurrency. Gamers can also win HYPER playing Counter-Strike, CS:GO, Assetto Corsa Racing, StarMade and more.

Essentially, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in CS:GO, TF2, Rust, StarMade, Assetto Corsa Racing, Paperboy, Tilt, Snowball, and more. Players worldwide can earn, spend and win HYPER on a decentralized network of HYPER game servers run by the community.

HYPER was recently added to so online merchants can easily accept HYPER as a payment method. Artists, authors, game developers and more can also easily accept HYPER tips and donations via Whitepuma. Currently, the most active market for trading HYPER is on Bittrex. HYPER is also going to be integrated in the Casheer iPhone and Android App – recently announced at Bitcoin Miami – for in-store and online purchases at merchants worldwide.

The HYPER project is pleased to announce sponsorship of indie retro adventure game Troll Song. The sponsorship will be mutually beneficial, and is the first time a cryptocurrency has sponsored indie game development, as the team said:

As the dev team behind retro adventure game Troll Song, we had considered various ideas for funding, including publishers and crowd-funding, but the genre is one publishers were unwilling to take a financial risk on (particularly with a dev team like ourselves without a commercial release behind us), and the trouble with crowd-funding is that it takes your time away from game development – and of course is not guaranteed to be successful.   Then the opportunity came up to be sponsored by HYPER – it was a win-win for us, a bit of funding to help with expenses that come up during development of the game along with freedom to spend as much time as we can on developing the game itself.

The first ‘Verse’ of the game has been released as freeware to give people a decent-sized slice of what the full game will be like – you can get it here:  The full game is scheduled for released around Q3 of 2015 – keep up to date on the dev blog at

HYPER development has been speeding up rapidly, with a hack n slash MMO that integrates HYPER due to be launched at shortly, as well as over 10 different monthly gaming competitions for CS:GO, TF2, StarMade, Assetto Corsa Racing, Paperboy, Tilt, Snowball, and more. A HYPER Foundation is to be established shortly to help HYPER achieve its goal of being the definitive gaming cryptocurrency.

Through giving HYPER bounties to server admins and online game developers, HYPER aims to eventually have hundreds of online games and servers that utilize HYPER as the in-game currency. The key focus of all future development plans is to ensure HYPER has a diverse and unprecedented ecosystem that provides many unique opportunities for gaming, trading and profit.

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* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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