Announcing the Bitcoin Botswana Project

Press Release 9/18/2014

Martin Jones and Quinton Figueroa of CoinVersity and Alakanani Itereleng of have announced that they are teaming up to educate Botswanans about what Bitcoin is, how to use it, and how it will benefit them through the Bitcoin Botswana Project.

The project will be producing tutorial courses to teach merchants how to accept bitcoins and to teach people how to get, save, and spend them. Attendees to the tutorials will be provided free bitcoins through the QuickyCoin exchange. In general, the project will be helping to educate people about the need for Bitcoin and the way the use of Bitcoin can simplify their lives and create a path to a better future.

Marvin Jones of CoinVersity said of the venture, “We are very delighted to team up with Ms. Itireleng. We are confident that Bitcoin can give the people of Botswana the freedom and power to transact in a world-wide market. Financial independence is capable of uplifting the entire country, and we are excited to begin.”

The project will officially commence at the Botswana Meetup scheduled for October 4, 2014 at the Oasis Motel. Many members of the business and Bitcoin community as well as the general public will be in attendance. The doors will open at 2:00pm, at which time the attendees will be provided with Bitcoin wallets. The full session will start at 5:00 and will feature presentations by CoinVersity and after which the attendees will be shown how to receive their first bitcoins in their new wallets.

Alakanani Itereleng said, “Africa is a clear home for Bitcoin, and we have seen many technological developments succeed in Africa. Today, at least 15-20% of the population don’t have bank accounts and are using mobile money like Orange Money and Mascom MyZaka. Bitcoin will bring more than just the ability to transfer or share money, but open up business opportunities by drastically cutting down on the expense and excessive fees charged for moving money across borders. With Bitcoin, Africa will be better able to participate in the global economy without the friction of losing millions of dollars in fees. This is the opportunity we are bringing the people of Botswana and we will quickly be expanding this project into neighboring countries.”
To get involved with and /or learn more about the Bitcoin Botswana Project please contact:
[email protected]

About – The Bitcoin Diversity Organization was created to bring greater diversity to Bitcoin ownership, education and use worldwide by focusing on under-developed and lower socio-economic people and countries. CoinVersity is an open resource to everyone interested in Bitcoin the currency, Bitcoin the technology, Bitcoin the payment network and anything and everything cryptocurrency related.

About Alakanani Itireleng – Mrs. Itireleng is a visionary entrepreneur and community builder. She is the voice of bitcoin in Botswana, founding Bitcoin Botswana and sponsoring a variety of Meetups in Botswana. Her mission is to see the adoption, use and growth of Bitcoin not only in Botswana, but the rest of Africa. She has connected with Bitcoiners in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Somalia, and is helping them build Bitcoin communities in their respective countries.

About Botswana
Since independence, Botswana has had the highest average economic growth rate in the world, averaging about 9% per year from 1966 to 1999. Growth in private sector employment has averaged about 10% per annum over the first 30 years of independence. At the start of the 21st century, however, the economy of Botswana stagnated up through the early 2010s when it regained a growth rate above 6-7%

Botswana is also renowned as the country with Africa’s, and among the world’s, longest economic booms, almost surpassing the booms in Asian economies. The relatively high quality of the country’s statistics means that these figures are likely to be quite accurate. The government has consistently maintained budget surpluses and has extensive foreign exchange reserves.