Supercoin Announces a Wallet with SuperSend Trustless Capability

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The developers of Supercoin have announced that they are in the final stages of developing their new p2p decentralized and trustless system for the coin and will be launching a new wallet with a “SuperSend Trustless” capability on August 25. Beta testing for the “SuperSend Trustless” system will begin on the now completed p2p decentralized trustless system on August 20.

What is Supercoin?

Supercoin aims to create a p2p completely decentralized and anonymous system in which any node can become an intermediate mixing station. There will be no centralized component.

The coin is based on the X11 algorithm which allows for high security, fast computation times, less power-consumption than Bitcoin’s sha256, and can be mined on a regular CPU/GPU.

Supercoin is a hybrid of PoW and PoS providing flexibility and security to the system. It has a very fast one-minute transaction confirmation time making the coin a better choice for merchants who need to make fast exchanges.

Where can I get and trade Supercoin?

Supercoin is currently being traded on the following exchanges:




Coinano (currently offline)

Supercoin will also be hosting an IPO of the first 5% of the PoW coins. The proceeds are to be used to support the further development of the coin, the websites and servers, marketing and promotion, etc. All the rest of the coins will be mined through X11 PoW blocks and minted through PoS blocks.

You can visit the Supercoin website here to learn more or read their whitepaper here.


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