Cloud Scrypt-mining Has Arrived

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Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. has announced that they will launch a scrypt cloud-mining service early this fall.

Located in Maastricht in the Netherlands, this company has been in business since early this year and has distinguished itself as an innovator in ASIC technology, particularly with scrypt miners. The scrypt clouding-mining service will be fully managed ad hosted with a planned capacity of 200 GH/s soon after launch. They promise that the operation will be based on ultra-high performance scrypt mining technology designed by their partner company, Dream Chip Technology. These ASICs will allow switching so only the most profitable scrypt coins will be mined.

Dividends will be collected and paid out on a weekly basis in Bitcoin.

The IPO shares will be sold for .04 BTC, or the equivalent of 814 KH/s of hashing power, and will be offered in incremental batches of 24.55 shares. With each subsequent batch, the price of a one share will increase .001 BTC. . One MH/s is on offer for .0491 BTC and will give the investor the rights to .81466 shares.

You can get your shares by visiting Under ticker “SM” (Scrypt-Mine).