CoinFinance: A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency Tool


Sponsored Post: 7/20/2014

CoinFinance is a professional online platform for creating and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. This free application is packed with features that will help you get better acquainted with different kinds of digital coins, the rise and fall of coin values (on a daily, weekly and monthly basis), mining difficulties, market capitalization and coin circulation. Cryptocurrencies are exchanged entirely electronically (i.e., they can be used as payment for certain goods and services but cannot be converted to actual cash). This is why anyone who owns crypto coins or plans to mine or buy them should be aware of specific coin data, trends and other cryptocurrency matters.

Here are several tips to get the most out of CoinFinance as a cryptocurrency tool:

  1. Set up your own cryptocurrency portfolio. The Internet is teeming with cryptocurrency facts and figures. However, the availability of reliable, evidence-based cryptocurrency information is one thing; having free and regular access to such information is another. CoinFinance is a cryptocurrency hub that you can visit anytime and anywhere. If you are serious about virtual investments, build your own portfolio through CoinFinance. This will give you a better grasp of your portfolio’s overall value (in multiple currencies) and what currencies are worth investing in. By gaining access to pertinent crypto information at all times and wherever you may be, you can decide what coins to buy, sell and hold during different periods.
  2. Share your portfolio with your online social networks. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of exchange, which means it does not depend on national banks or central governments. This open financial network is relatively new compared to conventional currencies and investment vehicles that most people are accustomed to. Though the cryptocurrency community is still fairly small, it is rapidly growing. Expand your cryptocurrency network by sharing your portfolio on Facebook or Twitter. You can also post the link to your portfolio on other forms of social media.
  3. Use widgets to embed real-time cryptocurrency data from CoinFinance in your own website. CoinFinance is a financial blogger’s ideal companion. By adding customizable widgets for coin prices and coin gainers and losers, you can keep a steady stream of cryptocurrency information in your personal blog, company portal or investment website. All widgets can be used and configured for free.
  4. Click on the charts and lists to obtain more specific data. One of the strongest points of CoinFinance is its interactive, well organized and aesthetically appealing tables and charts. The list of top stories, which has links to external cryptocurrency news sources, provides insights on what is going on in the world of Bitcoin and altcoins.
  5. Keep your login access safe and accessible to you at all times. CoinFinance portfolios can only be accessed by their respective owners. The site administrators cannot provide replacement login codes for lost passwords. This is why you should have a back-up of your unique login access or QR code. If you lose it, you will be locked out of your portfolio. You will not be able to take advantage of many portfolio tools and even lose the portfolio you created on the website. Take note that this will not affect the actual digital currencies you own.