Bitcoin News Announces a PR Partnership to Help Promote the Spread of Bitcoin



According to, most Americans would ban Bitcoin. The reason? What most Americans know about Bitcoin has been shaped by the media: Bitcoin is for scammers, drug dealers, and hackers. It’s certainly not anything a law-abiding citizen should be interested in.

Except, of course, that it should. Bitcoin is for those who see the problems of the financial system and the wholesale corruption of the political process. It’s for those who look at the collect-it-all attitude of the NSA and say, not today. It’s for those who look at their savings and retirement funds withering away and say, I wish there was another way. Bitcoin, in short, is for everyone. They just don’t know it yet.

Within one-year’s time, we are going to see a massive influx of interest into the Bitcoin space, and a massive number of Bitcoin-business startups. All those businesses are going to need a way to get their story out to the world. Now, Bitcoin News has joined with 8 other up-and-coming websites to offer PR services to those businesses.

Bitcoin Warrior is proud to be one of their number.

We got in touch with Markus Weiler, a German technopreneur who founded Bitcoin News along with a family of other businesses to discuss this and his other ventures.

You have a group of businesses centered on crypto currencies. Could you tell me something about them and about the team that helps keep them running?

Yes, we have a number of Bitcoin businesses, but Bitcoin News is the biggest at the moment. We have a couple of other offerings, like the Bitcoin Card and Bitcoin Bourse, but they still need a lot of development. Our team is very small, consisting of only four people.

What prompted you to start a press release service? What kind of business do you think will benefit the most from it

We have been offering press release services for a couple of months on Bitcoin News, and a lot of companies were making use of it. Many of these companies expressed an interest in getting these their press releases out to other sites as well. With this partnership, we can offer this service as well.

You’ve currently got nine sites to distribute the press releases. How did you choose them? What kind of growth are you anticipating?

These are all sites that we have developed relationships with since we began the news service. We have been very successful publishing their quality content to our site, so when it came time to create this partnership, these are the folks we reached out to first.

To find out more about how to make use of this powerful new PR tool, click here.

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