Bitcoin For Adults

When the video tape was first gaining traction, it wasn’t movie rentals that drove its mass adoption, it was porn videos watched discreetly in one’s own home. When the internet really took off, the same pattern reasserted itself – as much as anything else, porn blazed the trail that other, more ‘legitimate’ businesses would follow.

Because it is a cross-border, relatively anonymous payment method, Bitcoin is once again proving itself for porn sites, gambling sites, and yes, even the dark web. Here are a few of the adult entertainment offerings we’ve found that may titillate your interest.

He Pays is a dating site with a twist – people looking for sugar daddies or mommies. Actually, there are a lot of ways to interact on the site.


A very stylish and high-quality site.

Girls showing all for Bitcoin. These are real girls who advertise on Reddit. Show them your support!

A venerable cam site that’s been accepting Bitcoin since 2011. Great quality, and great girls.

Amateur girls don a mask and let themselves go wild. Five dollars off when paid in Bitcoin.

All the high-quality content of the Playboy Brand – paid for with Bitcoin.